Our VJing equipment and setup – 15 November 2020

Setup for vjing / live visuals. Two video mixers, a video synthesizer and other effects

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Some of the fun we have making live visuals comes from experimenting with always new ways of moving pixels and colors around our machines, eyes and screens. We often change how our equipment is connected and try different signal paths. Here’s an update compared to last week, in which we try to overcome some limitations. We’ll likely try this new setup next Wednesday.

(“output” and “input” are omitted; “#1” means “channel 1”; bold/italic show changes compared to previous setups)

Equipment: LZX Vidiot (analog video synthesizer); Roland Edirol V-8 (digital video mixer); Panasonic WJ-AVE5 (digital video mixer); Syntonie AVE MOD V2 (glitches/distortion); BPMC Premium Cable (glitches/distortion); VideoMaster2000 (switcher with color/contrast controls); Windows laptop running Resolume Arena; Korg Nanokontrol2 (USB MIDI controller); Easycap USB2AV (capture card); Linux Kubuntu computer running OBS Studio; salvaged webcam, TVCC, composite video splitter, audio mixer, LCD display, CRT TVs 15″

  • Vidiot Color Video > V8 #1
  • V8 #1 monitor > BPMC
  • BPMC > WJ-AVE5 #1
  • Vidiot Luma Video > V8 #2
  • V8 #2 monitor > WJ-AVE5 ext. camera (superimpose effect)
  • WJ-AVE5 main > VideoMaster2000 #1
  • (nothing > VideoMaster2000 #2)
  • VideoMaster2000 #1 > V8 #5 
  • WJ-AVE5 rec > V8 #6 
    • alternatively (more complicated to use, we’ll only try this if VideoMaster2000 turns out to be unreliable):
    • V8 #5 monitor (WJ-AVE5 main) > VideoMaster2000 #1
    • V8 #6 monitor (WJ-AVE5 rec) > VideoMaster2000 #2
    • VideoMaster2000 > V8 #7
  • TV 15″ < TVCC > V8 #4
  • V8 preview > TV 15″
    • V8: set Manual Display Pattern for use with TVCC, or
    • Prev Auto for use as a preview monitor
  • (WJ-AVE5 #2 monitor > nothing)
  • Resolume > V8 PC/8
  • V8 PC/8 monitor > video splitter
  • video splitter > 1: LCD display, 2: Vidiot Luma, 3: AVE MOD V2
  • AVE MOD V2 > WJ-AVE 5 #2
  • LCD display < webcam > Resolume
  • 3 smartphones/tablets > audio mixer (they run a free app that works like an audio oscillator, generating sine frequencies of usually 0.5-2.5Hz / 49-51Hz / 99-101Hz respectively, which interfere beautifully with video frequencies)
  • Vidiot Luma > audio mixer
  • audio mixer > Vidiot (various inputs)
  • V8 main > AV2USB > Linux computer running OBS > you 😉


  1. BPMC always affects the Vidiot signal
  2. AVE MOD V2 always affects the Resolume signal
  3. edit: it turned out VideoMaster2000 distorts the signal enough that the Edirol video mixer can’t handle it, so we moved the VideoMaster2000 back (between the videosplitter and the BPMC Premium Cable). VideoMaster2000 is only used as a color/contrast processor for the WJ-AVE 5 main signal and it takes the same V8 channel
  4. currently unused:
    1. 1x V8 main output
    2. 2x WJ-AVE5 rec outputs
    3. 2x WJ-AVE5 monitor outputs
    4. 2x TV 15″ (but only 1 SCART adapter atm)