Ephemeris Time

On December 30, we’ll be part of Ephemeris Time, a collective audio/video show that will be streamed at scanlines.xyz.

scanlines.xyz is a friendly community / forum to discuss DIY video and audio projects, electronic-based art, and related interests. It’s relatively young; we joined them in June 2020. We like it because of its hands-on attitude, knowledge sharing and mutual encouragement.

For Ephemeris Time we recorded and submitted a 20′ video. We feel it’s representative of our current style, and it also reflects some things that have been going on around us. We dedicate it to all the people who fought for their rights and for social justice in 2020.

For this set, we created an audio mix with music we like, using tracks by Sinister Sveta, Stephanie Merchak, Y/6543/, Madman’s Pannychis, Abul Mogard, Acid Kunt and Speak Onion. We recorded our visuals live with no post-processing, except the upscaling from the native 576p to 720p.

Our video and the videos made by the other 13 participants will be screened for the first time during the show.

Watch our video and join Ephemeris Time
on 30 December 2020, 7pm EST
(31 December 2020, 1am CET / Berlin time)
at scanlines.xyz

Here’s a trippy trailer created by Andrei Jay, who’s been organizing the show: