Non commercial video platforms hosting recordings of our live visuals

We’ve established our main online presence on this blog, powered by, because we’d rather use self-managed tools and stay away from commercial start-ups or corporations whenever possible. Using online services comes with a number of systemic issues. For the same reasons we’re currently not on Youtube, or any commercial video platform, and stream on

Since we started playing with visuals, we’ve been uploading all our recordings to the Internet Archive, a free, non-commercial, library-style platform. We’ve just uploaded there our 100th video recording!

Also, during 2020 we joined and started participating in, a self-managed online community for DIY audio/video projects.

Among other things, hosts an instance of PeerTube, a free and decentralized alternative to video platforms. We’ve been uploading there short clips created with an analog video synthesizer. Here’s an example: