Ephemeris Time

Ephemeris Time

On December 30, we’ll be part of Ephemeris Time, a collective audio/video show that will be streamed at is a friendly community / forum to discuss DIY video and audio projects, electronic-based art, and related interests. It’s relatively young; we joined them in June 2020. We like it because of its hands-on attitude, […]

eon.20 Stonewall Edition and more streaming in June

eon.20 is a project to gather a community of artists, “a hybrid space” where “a wide range of disciplines meet and dialogue in a safe space, without limits or censorship, giving voice and visibility to a wide diversity of artists and creators from the internet to the world”. We were invited by eon.20 to VJ […]

Daddies on Acid streaming – Black Lives Matter

This week, with Black Lives Matter protests shaking the U.S. and the rest of the world, we streamed our visuals for Daddies on Acid, adding some clips from BLM protests in the States and elsewhere, as well as from the protests that erupted in Chile some months ago, and from the great Fuck the Fascism […]

Streaming from lockdown

It is known that sometimes misery and distress bring a lot of creativity and inspiration, and this hasn’t been different for us: in the past few weeks we have been collaborating with several projects, doing visuals for our beloved Interzone, Daddies on Acid, and Dis/Tanz. The Dis/Tanz video, with Ludi Oktokreuz & Schatten Voraus behind […]