Exildiscount – Going to Bed Hungry [Official Music Video]

Here’s the music video we made for Exildiscount‘s track “Going to Bed Hungry”, taken from their EP “Next Big Thing”, released on June 11, 2021 via Unboxing Shadows (UXS001).

The title “Going to Bed Hungry” refers to an art performance/video installation by Exildiscount, which was simultaneously video taped from 3 camera perspectives, called “Of the Eternal Fear of Going to Bed Hungry”. We remixed and processed this footage in our own visual style, interpreting the track in a kind of live video performance.

A child being sent to bed without dinner? No, here’s a punishment more pernicious and severe: a life lived in the shadow of a dark past, marred by the attempt to break out of the sway of ideology, biological family, normative identity. A life that has left you hungry, while a history of trauma keeps spoiling your appetite. Here’s to the healing rage – one of the many steps on the way to redemption and owning your truth.