Our latest video productions and live performances

While Autumn gets colder and darker, more and more pixel flowers blossom! A few months ago, the Berlin-based producer and DJ Exildiscount committed us our first music video, and we are now working on a second one for another music act. We’ve still been streaming every Wednesday for the Daddies On Acid and Interzone parties, and uploading all the recordings to the Internet Archive. Since August 2021, as soon as the lockdowns eased, we got back to performing live at techno parties, in a new collaboration with Art Bei Ton and then again with Interzone. A few days ago, we achieved our dream of making visuals all night long at the Gegen party in Kit Kat Club, in our beloved Dragon Floor. Next Friday, we will support the legendary synthesizer band Transistors Of Mercy as part of Krake Festival 2021. More VJ sets at techno parties are planned for November. In December we will also begin collaborating with Autonoma Industriale, whose events feature techno industrial music, often played live on synthesizers.

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