Our VJing equipment and setup – mid March 2021

For a few weeks we’ve been playing with a new (old) toy: a Canon XM2 camcorder. We don’t have any tapes at the moment, but we’re using the camera together with two 14″ TVs (found on the street) to rescan and to create video feedback loops. The camcorder has controls for the image quality and effects and we’re exploring its potential.

As we experiment with the camera and try new connections with our other video signals, looking for new interesting imagery to burst out of the wires, our setup grows and is now more involuted than ever.

Below is a diagram representing the equipment we use during our live visual sets and the connections between devices. The graph is made with Graphviz. Graphviz creates automatic diagrams out of text descriptions; we use it as a plugin on the Scanlines forum.

Pixelflowers' live visuals setup

click for full resolution madness


Check out our previous post for a background about equipment and techniques.