Back offline! News on our live sets in March

Last Tuesday we supported two live concerts (Rtalin and Evripidis and His Tragedies) and a DJ set by Daddies On Acid at the underground club Loophole, the same small, dirty lovely venue where a couple of years ago we gave our very first live VJ performance.

Then on Saturday we made live visuals at our beloved Interzone party where Suzanne, La Baldi and again Daddies On Acid played:


Next Friday, we will head with our cameras and TVs to Ostkreuz to perform in the well-known techno club About Blank. From 1am we will make live visuals in the ‘Tent’ dancefloor, supporting DJ sets by Unjin, Jessica Kert, Vibko and Marian Tone. The event is a collaboration between Eclectique and Art Bei Ton.

And on Saturday 26 March 2022, we will be part of the Daddies On Acid party that for the first time will take place at Loophole.