Live visuals for dancefloors

As Pixelflowers we always perform live, making visuals primarily for techno dancefloors. Admittely, we have been keeping very little documentation of our past shows: at these dance parties most people refrain to take photos and videos (it’s frown upon here in Berlin, often actually forbidden, and for good reasons we think; we have learnt ourselves how valuable this is, how it contributes to the atmosphere and freedom). We could record our visuals directly from the outputs of our video mixer, but we think that wouldn’t really document our performance, as it wouldn’t represent the way projections and CRT TVs look in the physical space and how they become part of the dancefloor experience. Anyway, here are some short clips to give an ideas of how our shows look like.

12/3/2022: secret place, Interzone


18/3/2022: About Blank, Eclectique x Art Bei Ton


26/3/2022: Loophole, Daddies On Acid


12/11/21: Krake Festival, performance with Transistors of Mercy (projections on site + broadcasting show)