Live visuals for dancefloors

As Pixelflowers we always perform live, making visuals primarily for techno dancefloors. Admittely, we have been keeping very little documentation of our past shows: at these dance parties most people refrain to take photos and videos (it’s frown upon here in Berlin, often actually forbidden, and for good reasons we think; we have learnt ourselves […]

Our latest video productions and live performances

Our latest video productions and live performances

While Autumn gets colder and darker, more and more pixel flowers blossom! A few months ago, the Berlin-based producer and DJ Exildiscount committed us our first music video, and we are now working on a second one for another music act. We’ve still been streaming every Wednesday for the Daddies On Acid and Interzone parties, […]

Pixelflowers VJ set at Art Bei Ton: Private 3 event. Berlin, 27 August 2021. Photo and edit by Ali Bay

Spreading our colorful pixel virus across Europe

While we continue our weekly livestreamings in a collaboration with the Berlin-based queer parties Interzone and Daddies On Acid, in the last months we also got back to performing live. Pixelflowers is a VJing duo and ideally we make live visuals together, but this week-end we will split across the continent, in order to spread our […]



Non commercial video platforms hosting recordings of our live visuals

We’ve established our main online presence on this blog, powered by, because we’d rather use self-managed tools and stay away from commercial start-ups or corporations whenever possible. Using online services comes with a number of systemic issues. For the same reasons we’re currently not on Youtube, or any commercial video platform, and stream on […]

A list of sources for our clips

This list is a work in progress and it may be incomplete. Archive Videos Locomotives Crash Head-On, 1913 Hindenburg Over New York City, 1937  US National Archives, Black Panthers, ca. 1966-1969, Records of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Stonewall Riots (stock footage / archival footage), 1969

eon.20 Stonewall Edition and more streaming in June

eon.20 is a project to gather a community of artists, “a hybrid space” where “a wide range of disciplines meet and dialogue in a safe space, without limits or censorship, giving voice and visibility to a wide diversity of artists and creators from the internet to the world”. We were invited by eon.20 to VJ […]

2 VJ samples – Velvet Monkeys, Berlin Invasion 10 Years Anniversary

2 VJ samples of our VJ set at Berlin Invasion 10 Years Anniversary, Velvet Monkeys, Berlin, 23-24 November 2019 Download here

VJ sample – Jam! / Analog Jam Sessions – Loophole Berlin

VJing during the Jam! / Analog Jam Sessions at Loophole, Berlin, 31 July 2019 Resolume Avenue + Vidiot + AVE5 mixer + BPMC Premium Cable