Our latest video productions and live performances

While Autumn gets colder and darker, more and more pixel flowers blossom! A few months ago, the Berlin-based producer and DJ Exildiscount committed us our first music video, and we are now working on a second one for another music act. We’ve still been streaming every Wednesday for the Daddies On Acid and Interzone parties, and uploading all the recordings to the Internet Archive. Since August 2021, as soon as the lockdowns eased, we got back to performing live at techno parties, in a new collaboration with Art Bei Ton and then again with Interzone. A few days ago, we achieved our dream of making visuals all night long at the Gegen party in Kit Kat Club, in our beloved Dragon Floor. Next Friday, we will support the legendary synthesizer band Transistors Of Mercy as part of Krake Festival 2021. More VJ sets at techno parties are planned for November. In December we will also begin collaborating with Autonoma Industriale, whose events feature techno industrial music, often played live on synthesizers.

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Exildiscount – Going to Bed Hungry [Official Music Video]

Here’s the music video we made for Exildiscount‘s track “Going to Bed Hungry”, taken from their EP “Next Big Thing”, released on June 11, 2021 via Unboxing Shadows (UXS001).

The title “Going to Bed Hungry” refers to an art performance/video installation by Exildiscount, which was simultaneously video taped from 3 camera perspectives, called “Of the Eternal Fear of Going to Bed Hungry”. We remixed and processed this footage in our own visual style, interpreting the track in a kind of live video performance.

A child being sent to bed without dinner? No, here’s a punishment more pernicious and severe: a life lived in the shadow of a dark past, marred by the attempt to break out of the sway of ideology, biological family, normative identity. A life that has left you hungry, while a history of trauma keeps spoiling your appetite. Here’s to the healing rage – one of the many steps on the way to redemption and owning your truth.

Spreading our colorful pixel virus across Europe

Pixelflowers VJ set at Art Bei Ton: Private 3 event. Berlin, 27 August 2021

Pixelflowers VJ set at Art Bei Ton: Private 3 event. Berlin, 27 August 2021

While we continue our weekly livestreamings in a collaboration with the Berlin-based queer parties Interzone and Daddies On Acid, in the last months we also got back to performing live. Pixelflowers is a VJing duo and ideally we make live visuals together, but this week-end we will split across the continent, in order to spread our colorful pixel virus to the widest possible area. We will perform simultaneously in Berlin -at an Art Bei Ton event- and somewhere in France. If you would like to attend, please get in touch with us (via Instagram, or email: pixelflowers at privacyrequired dot com)!

420 (our submission to the Scanlines birthday community showcase, 2021)

scanlines.xyz, an online forum and website devoted to audio/video DIY projects we’re actively involved in, recently got 1 year old.

A community online showcase was organized to celebrate and since it was going to take place on 4/20, we decided to play around the coincidence and created this smoky video.

Pixelflowers x Marsala – Phantom Bra

In 2017, the participants in the PUOI DIRLO FORTE workshop, organized by Marsala and Silvia Torri and focused on disrupting gender violence and its toxic narratives, created the short video Phantom Bra. Il primo reggiseno per tette libere e fantasmagoriche.

On occasion of 2021, March 8, we reworked visually Phantom Bra and included it in a collective livestreaming organized by Trial & Theresa, a network of feminist VJs.

We made five different versions of Phantom Bra with original music and Italian dialogs, and a shorter one without audio.

Stream them below or download them here.

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Our VJing equipment and setup – mid March 2021

For a few weeks we’ve been playing with a new (old) toy: a Canon XM2 camcorder. We don’t have any tapes at the moment, but we’re using the camera together with two 14″ TVs (found on the street) to rescan and to create video feedback loops. The camcorder has controls for the image quality and effects and we’re exploring its potential.

As we experiment with the camera and try new connections with our other video signals, looking for new interesting imagery to burst out of the wires, our setup grows and is now more involuted than ever.

Below is a diagram representing the equipment we use during our live visual sets and the connections between devices. The graph is made with Graphviz. Graphviz creates automatic diagrams out of text descriptions; we use it as a plugin on the Scanlines forum.

Pixelflowers' live visuals setup

click for full resolution madness


Check out our previous post for a background about equipment and techniques.

The video we made for Ephemeris Time

Here’s the 20′ video we created for Ephemeris Time, an end-of-the-year collective audio visual show organized at scanlines.xyz. Read more about its content, soundtrack, etc.

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Non commercial video platforms hosting recordings of our live visuals

We’ve established our main online presence on this blog, powered by autistici.org, because we’d rather use self-managed tools and stay away from commercial start-ups or corporations whenever possible. Using online services comes with a number of systemic issues. For the same reasons we’re currently not on Youtube, or any commercial video platform, and stream on live.autistici.org.

Since we started playing with visuals, we’ve been uploading all our recordings to the Internet Archive, a free, non-commercial, library-style platform. We’ve just uploaded there our 100th video recording!

Also, during 2020 we joined and started participating in Scanlines.xyz, a self-managed online community for DIY audio/video projects.

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Playing with chroma keying and green screens

In the usual Interzone and Daddies On Acid weekly shows, our live visuals take the whole screen; on November 27, together with djs Bergen and Hansi, we did something a bit different. While recording their set, Bergen and Hansi also recorded themselves on video in front of a green background. Then they shared the video with us, and we used the traditional chroma key technique to replace the background with our visuals, while keeping the DJs visible. This is a well known technique, but it was a first for us, so it was a chance for us to learn more about video workflows and about the tools we use.

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Our VJing equipment and setup – 15 November 2020

Setup for vjing / live visuals. Two video mixers, a video synthesizer and other effects

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Some of the fun we have making live visuals comes from experimenting with always new ways of moving pixels and colors around our machines, eyes and screens. We often change how our equipment is connected and try different signal paths. Here’s an update compared to last week, in which we try to overcome some limitations. We’ll likely try this new setup next Wednesday. Continue reading “Our VJing equipment and setup – 15 November 2020”