eon.20 Stonewall Edition and more streaming in June

eon.20 is a project to gather a community of artists, “a hybrid space” where “a wide range of disciplines meet and dialogue in a safe space, without limits or censorship, giving voice and visibility to a wide diversity of artists and creators from the internet to the world”. We were invited by eon.20 to VJ on Anna Bolena‘s and Daddies on Acid‘s sets during the series of streams they organized to celebrate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, on the 28 June. If you missed them, you can still celebrate the Stonewall riots with us – here are the recordings.

In June, we also continued VJing for Daddies on Acid and Interzone. If you missed our sets, here they are 🙂

24 June 2020, DJ set by HC Cavallo and Simona Beat for Daddies on Acid

24 June 2020, ambient selection by Pixi for Daddies on Acid

17 June 2020, DJ set by Tempus Fugit for Interzone

12 June 2020 – Interzone – listen to the DJ set by 01100110 while you watch

12 June 2020, ambient selection by Pixi for Interzone

Daddies on Acid streaming – Black Lives Matter

This week, with Black Lives Matter protests shaking the U.S. and the rest of the world, we streamed our visuals for Daddies on Acid, adding some clips from BLM protests in the States and elsewhere, as well as from the protests that erupted in Chile some months ago, and from the great Fuck the Fascism project. We would normally not use riot scenes for our VJing at parties, to avoid inducing disturbing altered states of consciousness in dancers, but given this new normal home setting, our visuals are turning more and more into a video-zine, and we are having a great time preparing our sets.

Enjoy the videos, with DJ sets by Homecompiuter and MICHEL IPOGONDRY 🙂

And if you like these, stay tuned and don’t miss the future events!

With these sets, a new toy has been added to our setup – it’s the AVE MOD V2 by Syntonie, which distorts in even more interesting ways our video signals.

Streaming from lockdown

It is known that sometimes misery and distress bring a lot of creativity and inspiration, and this hasn’t been different for us: in the past few weeks we have been collaborating with several projects, doing visuals for our beloved Interzone, Daddies on Acid, and Dis/Tanz.

The Dis/Tanz video, with Ludi Oktokreuz & Schatten Voraus behind the console, will be streamed on Friday 29 May on several platforms by the Gothic Pogo Festival – check the Facebook event to find the links.

And here’s a taste of our recent VJing for Daddies on Acid and Interzone, with DJ sets by Hugo Sanchez (FRONT DE CADEAUX), MICHEL IPOGONDRY and Pixi.

For these sets, we added to our usual setup – Resolume Avenue + Vidiot + AVE5 mixer + BPMC Premium Cable – looping effects with a webcam pointed at a Sony Trinitron CRT TV, and used OBS Studio for streaming, recording, and scene switching. And as it happens, we found a way of recording our sets with OBS Studio and can say that these are our first fully recorded sets. Enjoy!

GEGEN SELF >< 9 Years celebration – video and code

It was a pleasure and an honor to contribute to the great GEGEN SELF – 9 Years celebration on the 3 January 2020 at KitKat Club in Berlin.

For GEGEN SELF, Pixelflowers created a video for the main floor and an installation at the pool, as well as a live VJ set with our mixed set up in the main floor.

The video can be downloaded in different formats here.

The installation was written in Processing, and the code can be found here.

2 VJ samples – Velvet Monkeys, Berlin Invasion 10 Years Anniversary

2 VJ samples of our VJ set at Berlin Invasion 10 Years Anniversary, Velvet Monkeys, Berlin, 23-24 November 2019

Download here

VJ sample – Jam! / Analog Jam Sessions – Loophole Berlin

VJing during the Jam! / Analog Jam Sessions at Loophole, Berlin, 31 July 2019

Resolume Avenue + Vidiot + AVE5 mixer + BPMC Premium Cable

2 VJing samples – Lost.ess’ DJ set at Interzone Berlin

2 VJ samples of our VJ set at Interzone during Lost.ess‘ dj set, Void Club, Berlin, 19-20 July 2019

2 overlapping projections:

  • Resolume Avenue
  • Vidiot + AVE5 mixer + BPMC Premium Cable

VJ Sample – 15 July 2019

VJ set sample

Resolume Avenue + Vidiot + AVE5 mixer + BPMC Premium Cable

Clips taken from Jean Vigo’s À propos de Nice and Walter Ruttmann’s Berlin – Die Sinfonie der Großstadt. Thanks to Boxikus for the other clips.


Live at Loophole Berlin – 11 May 2019

Video shot during the MODULAR SYNTH SPECIAL performance at Loophole, Berlin, 11 June 2019, Gigi Hare/Sn(50)/Modular Special & APAT/OWADT/Jixarr/Armando.

Resolume Avenue + Vidiot + AVE5 mixer + BPMC Premium Cable

Clips taken from James Bidgood’s Pink Narcissus, Andrew Repasky McElhinney’s Story of the Eye. Thanks to Boxikus for the other clips.

AC*AB VJ Sample